He has finally arrived – The birth story of baby B

Hello lovely readers,

I’m so wonderfully pleased to announce that I have safely bought a perfect little boy into the world. ¬†I’m so so in love right now, my pupils are massively dilated, my heart is pounding and full, and I’m high on adrenalin. ¬†My precious baby boy is here.

He arrived on the 17th of September at 13:52am weighing a whopping 9pounds 8ounces.  As most of you will know, I opted for an elective c-section for my mode of delivery after having a previous traumatic birthing experience.  So the whole process was very surreal, I had my bags packed and ready, there was no rushing around panicked, it was all rather calm and collected.  Hubby and I strolled off to the hospital to have our baby.  My little Moo was all taken care of, and I could finally relax knowing the long wait was finally over.  Ofcourse I was a bag of nerves, but I was SO ready to meet him.

The hospital staff were wonderful and looked after us so well, they¬†explained how things were going to take their course, and that I would be next in for surgery so only had a few hours wait to meet my little one. ¬†So we got in our surgical attire, and waited in our ward bay patiently. ¬†We were told the surgeon was coming to meet us shortly and explain the operation in detail. ¬†At that point 11 am, I started to get my usual tightenings that I’ve been feeling daily. ¬†No biggie, just another braxton hicks tightening, at least all of this nonsense would be over soon. ¬†Then 5 short minutes later came another one, slightly more intense this time, but hey ho. On we waited. ¬†Then, ok another one, ooo, ouch, this one is taking a while to go away, when was my last one again? What, only 5 minutes ago? ¬†errr, ok. ¬†Shall we tell the midwife? ¬†Naaaaoooo, that would be silly, what does it matter anyway. ¬†Errr, ahhhooowwcchhhhh, ok this one blady hurts now, call the midwife in. ¬†Midwife arrives and feels my tummy, ‘How regular are these Alice?-How much are they hurting exactly?-What’s the time – 12o’clock, okay only and hour or so until surgery, hang on in there eh!’…Midlife strolls off, POP, there goes my waters! ¬†holy shite, okay my waters have gone, I’m flooding the ward, like GALONS of the stuff is coming out, I’m laying in a pool of my own wet mess!…The midwives run back, oh god, thats a lot of water, okay that’s never happened before on the c-section ward, errm what shall we do? ¬†GET ME GAS AND AIIIIIRRRRRR…eeooowwccchhhhh, contraction after painful contraction, they tell me I’m 8cm dilated already (in one hour!!!)…Do we take her labour ward or theatre, someone make the decision quickly this baby is coming!!! ¬†TAKE ME TO THEATRE PLEEEEAASSEEE ooowwwwwcchhhhhh. ¬†Then, ‘Alice your waters are green, baby has taken his first poop in you, we need to rush to theatre NOW, baby might not be ok’, at this point I’m a screaming mess. ¬†HE HAS TO BE OK, GET HIM OUT NOW, oowwwwwwchhhhhhhh. ¬†The next thing I know, I’m high on gas and air, like – out of it, and each time I slip back to consciousness, I’m in theatre being shoved around, needles poked in me, my body going numb, my legs being raised above me, but I can’t feel them! ¬†Lots of masked surgeons coming into my vision with instruments of all kinds. ¬†The curtain goes up, in goes the scalpel, out comes my precious baby boy creaming at the top of his lungs. ¬†Hubby and I are an emotional mess, but he is here. ¬†He is actually here, they place him on me, and I stare down at him in absolute shock. ¬†His perfect little face is everything I had been dreaming about for years, I didn’t want to let him go. ¬†My tiny little precious bundle. ¬†He was worth every moment of panic and drama. ¬†He was ready to meet mummy, and mummy was SO ready to meet him too.




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