The ramblings of a heavily pregnant insomniac

Hello again, here I am snuggled in a huge fluffy slanket on the living room sofa in complete darkness, with the laptop screen burning into my eyes.  Blinking at a blank page at 4:30am, unable to sleep, but unable to do much else with a sleeping toddler upstairs, who would wake if a mouse farted.  So the trusty laptop will have to entertain me once again.  So apologies in advance for the ramblings of a heavily pregnant, insomniac.

I guess it’s all good prep work for getting used to the insane sleep deprivation thats about to hit once baby arrives.  I remember it SO well from last time, and my word –  there really isn’t anything like it.  You are so delirious and disorientated it drives you completely round the bend.  Going through it whilst also having a rambunctious toddler in tow is quite frankly the scariest thing I’ve ever had to imagine.  How do you find the energy?  I don’t even drink coffee!!! I think Netflix is going to become my new best friend over the coming weeks.

But I have all kinds of wild idea’s for the future.  For my future, for Project Identity.  For the project that is I.  I’ve had so much time to dream about what it will be like to no longer be pregnant and trapped in this disabling fat suit, to finally have some energy back again.  I have dreamt and dreamt about hitting my 30th year in style.  This is my big plan…

Early days – Just cope

Struggle through the newborn days, try to keep my family all equally happy, recover from c-section surgery slowly and carefully, be kind to myself and my body.

2 months in – get a move on

Start the exercise regime.  With Moo starting her new nursery at the end of our road.  The plan is to walk her there for 9am every morning, Baby Baz in buggy, drop Moo in.  Then Baz and I, stroll off to the running track (which is next to the nursery) and attempt a fast walk around the track.  Building up to a gentle jog after a week or so, until I’m jogging 5 mornings per week.  I also intend to use baby Baz as my new free weight, I shall be pumping out upper arm reps and bicep curls as I go for nice toned arms.  I’m going to put my juicer and nutribullet to good use and glug down all the liquid nutrition I can ontop of a balanced diet.  Hopefully breast feeding will be a success and that will help me lose the weight too.

4 months in – get serious

Get a gym contract or a personal trainer.  I have a hell of a goal ahead you see, I’m not just obsessed with my own body image.  My bestest, best, bestie is getting married March 2016, and I’m determined to do her proud and look just as hot as the other 3 bridesmaids on her big day.  I’m really glad I have this to motivate me, as it’s the kick up the arse I need to do this for myself once and for all.

6 months – post wedding – carry on

The big test, 6 months in from here, is to carry on.  To find a way to incorporate fitness into my daily routine whilst also looking after my family.  To find a way to include my babes in my fitness journey and to make it manageable enough to be able to sustain it into the future.

I know, scoff scoff, I have big idea’s.  But one can only try.  I will of course keep you updated.


Health and happiness,




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